Roses of Tralee bare all for body positivity

Following the drama surrounding the Irish influencer industry, a few well-known Irish faces have taken to their platforms to have their say on the topic of body positivity. 

Such as Irish Youtuber, Melaine Murphy who posted a series of Instagram photos in her lingerie along with the tags, #bodypositive #strengthtraining #selfcare.

I’ve spent most of my life so far chasing after a ‘perfect body’, and the ‘perfect formula’ to combat being unhealthy. I spent so many precious years chasing rainbows, treating my body poorly (binge eating because I was starving, then starving because I was binge eating) and ultimately this led to poor mental health, eating disorders, relationship meltdowns and feeling exhausted all the time. I experienced a mental shift a couple of years ago, realizing that if I wanted a healthy mind first and foremost I needed to stop viewing my body as the enemy...FOOD as some kinda nightmare creature looking to consume and control me. Food is fuel. Self care is paramount. I started eating without limit natural foods, keeping plenty of room for indulgences. Over time I could hear my body, finally, and listen to its true cravings for water and healthy fats and carbs. Then last summer I started hitting the weights and although I don’t yet follow any set plan, this has given me SO much focus and a metabolism boost and many other incredible’s like therapy, the gym! It’s no longer a place I go to kill myself on the treadmill. I go to feel strong and to get an incredible night’s sleep and to show myself that, yes, I can actually! 💪🏻 No I don’t look like a fitness model. No, everyone doesn’t have wide hips and a teeny waist. Yes, there is beauty in every body shape just as there is in every skin color and hair color and all the rest. I’ve started to adore my body because it does so much for me and I’m stuck with it until I die - I wanna live a long, healthy life and managing the stress that comes with low confidence in a world where everyone is scrambling up *mount perfect* + looking after my bod...doing these things will help me to achieve that 💚 believe & achieve, internet family, and go easy on yourselves. Baby steps 😘 (also, like, PLEASE follow @iskra @bodyposipanda @whitneyysimmons @selfloveclubb & more body positive people! A variety of them! There’s so much to be learned by diversifying yo feed 😉 #bodypositive #strengthtraining #selfcare

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Inspired by this, the 2017 Roses of Tralee decided to take a stance by sharing their make-up free, filter-free selfies on social media.

Posting on the blog, this year’s Louth Rose Aoife Heffron wrote that the move made a lot of ladies feeling anxious, nervous and reluctant but proved to be empowering.

“In a world where you can change how you look with a couple of taps on a screen, where there are societal pressures to ‘look’ a certain way, where beauty can seem to mean only one thing and where people present a sometimes unrealistic version of themselves online because of this, we decided to remind people just what BEAUTY really is,” she wrote.

She went on to say that she had fallen victim of feeling inadequate or “ugly” because she doesn’t look like the girls on Instagram.

She added: “I’ve struggled with my hair loss, my acne and how I look in general. I still do!

“I’m not alone, however when sharing our pictures, many of my fellow Roses voiced their own insecurities, be it uneven skin tone, acne scarring, dark circles, their eyebrows….you name it.”


Read Aoife’s full blog post here

By Anna O'Donoghue

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