Roscommon woman launches appeal to find Clare man she met in Coppers

By Anna O'Donoghue

Coppers - or Copper Face Jacks, if you’re not familiar - the Dublin nightclub that has been sparking the love story of thousands, if not millions, of Irish people since 1995.

And last weekend was no different.

Meet Orla, a Roscommon woman who paid the heaven on Harcourt street a visit after the Connacht county met Tyrone in Croke Park.

At the end of the night, John, who is originally from Ennis but lives in Dublin, approached her in the Residence Bar.

After chatting for a while, she decided to add her number to his phone and call it so she could save his number on her phone.

But speaking to 2FM’s Breakfast Republic on Tuesday, Orla said that she’s realised she accidentally gave him the wrong number.

With the help of the morning radio show, Coppers themselves and the internet, there has been a nationwide search for the man in question using the tag, #LetsFindJohn.

Do you know a John from Ennis? Let him know the possible love of his life his waiting for him.

Copper Face Jacks The Musical, which is currently playing at the Olympia, have even chimed in and offered the couple two free tickets for their reunion date if it takes place, or four tickets for Orla and her friends, if it doesn’t.

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