Robert Sheehan has only gone and made half the country unhappy

By Anna O'Donoghue

As a Leinster man, Robert Sheehan has done the unthinkable - admitted that he prefers Cork over Dublin.

Controversial, we know.

The Umbrella Academy actor sat down with Netflix to settle some of the greatest Irish debates.

Questions such as:

Tayto or King? Rugby V GAA? Guinness or Murphys?

Another question that caused quite a stir with the actor was Barrys v Lyons?

While reading the question aloud he noticed that the "British morons" have spelt Lyons with I, instead of a Y.

A reaction so strong, the streaming service edited an apology into the video.

    Full disclosure - several Netflix employees submitted these debate topics, but yes, an English person did write them and that is our bad.

    Sorry Robert, sorry Ireland.

The Portlaoise native also told how he attended a posh ‘do’ once where got into a jostle with Brian O’Driscoll that sent him “15 paces across the floor" and named Richard Harris as the 'Greatest Irish Person'.

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