Robbie Williams has discovered a Twitter user’s foody twist on his lyrics and he’s here for it

It’s been more than 20 years since Robbie Williams released the song Angels into the world and, while the track is a modern classic, even Williams himself seems to agree it can be improved.

Well, sort of. The former Take That member has discovered one of the more successful tweets of 2017, which replaces some of the song’s most famous words with something rather different.

Yes, instead of “a lot of love and affection” the words were replaced with “classic dip selection” – a Tesco product – much to the amusement of thousands of Twitter users and, it seems, Robbie himself.

It’s undoubtedly some of the finest pun work of the decade.

Who would turn down a classic dip selection? Although if you had to choose between that and a lot of love and affection, it could be difficult.

Why not sing along with the song yourself, and see just how well the modified lyrics fit?

“And through it, all…”


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