Roaming bear takes a dip in Los Angeles swimming pool before being rescued

A brown bear was spotted in Los Angeles, California, inside a resident’s swimming pool.

The large bear was seen roaming in a Granada Hills neighbourhood before climbing into the pool and taking a soak.

Los Angeles police officers at the Devonshire station were called to the scene on the morning of July 17.

LAPD Devonshire Captain Steven Lurie reports that a bear sighted in Granada Hills earlier today has been safely contained.

Posted by LAPD Devonshire Community Police Station on Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Officers took to Facebook to alert residents and share pictures of the cheeky bear.

Police warned residents to stay indoors as the bear explored suburban gardens and took a dip in the pool.

The bear walked around the neighbourhood before being hit by a tranquilliser dart by animal control officials.

After the bear’s adventure, animal control transported it back into the wild.

Los Angeles Police said: “We can’t fault this furry guy for wanting to take a dip in this Los Angeles heat, however we are happy to report he was safely returned back to his home.”

No injuries were reported from the incident.

- Press Association

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