Richard Griffiths – the end of an age

There will be weeping in butchers' shops today.

Well, according to this twitter account devoted to Withnail quotes there should be. Why? Because Richard Griffiths died today and we remember the award-winning actor's finest moment as the predatory Uncle Monty in that classic flick Withnail & I.

When Griffiths was on the screen, he would steal the show as you can see from Richard’s first scene with Richard E Grant and Paul McGann.

Clip via ‘Rob Cottam’ on youTube.

And also in this disturbingly funny scene with McGann.

Clip via ‘ShoeRepairPromotions’ on youTube.

For our younger readers, Richard was synonymous with Harry Potter's mean uncle, Vernon Dursley.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t unearth any YouTube clips of Richard from the franchise, but we did find this funny tribute from the Vernon Dursley Alliance.

Clip via ‘thehpalliance’ on youTube.

Indeed, we took it as normal to be huge fans of neatly pressed slacks. Who doesn't throw away their slacks after wearing them a couple of times? I mean come on people, you have to have standards.

Anyway, enough of that.

It's funny really, that quote could still apply today, never mind back in 1987 when he starred in the classic .

We thought it suitable to let his co-star Richard E Grant end our piece.

Chin chin Richard.

Clip via ‘ohheckforgotusername’ on youTube.

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