Richard Bruton's toned abs trend on social media

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar joked that Mr Bruton’s “beach bod” was distracting. Screengrab: Fine Gael

Fine Gael chairman Richard Bruton has spent the day trending on social media for an unlikely reason – a revealing video of his abs.

The 67-year-old promoted a staycation in his north Dublin constituency Howth by showcasing his top activities there in a video from his party’s press office, but it was a clip of the TD jumping off the Bull Wall into the Irish Sea that sparked a reaction online.

Mr Bruton told the Irish Examiner he was “amazed” by the reaction to his “toned” abs.

“It’s incredible, you spend years earnestly working away on various policies and then you get all this attention over something like this,” he said.

Tánaiste Leo Varadkar chimed in, joking that Mr Bruton’s “beach bod” was distracting.

Mr Bruton told the Irish Examiner he has always seen exercise as a very important feature in life and cycles and swims several times a week.

“It was a bit like the Tour de France with the video guys from the press office driving in the car beside me as I cycled down the front,” he said of the video.

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