Raw actor Gameau super sizes on 'healthy' foods in sugar experiment

By Greg Murphy

Three years ago, Australian actor Damon Gameau gave up all sugars but has now decided to go in completely the opposite direction.

Gameau, who played chef Geoff Mitchell in hit Irish drama Raw, has used his own body in a risky nutritional experiment for a documentary which will be released next year.

The actor has put his own health at risk by eating nothing but 'healthy' low-fat food with very high sugar content for 60 days.

Turning away from foods that would normally be associated with excess levels of sugar  he has instead chosen to live on foods that are perceived as healthy.

The sugars must be hidden and found in commonly percieved 'healthy' foods and drinks - so no soft drinks, confectionary or ice-cream.

These 'healthy' foods include low-fat yogurt, cereals, juices, etc.

While on the diet, the actor consumed around 40 teaspoons of sugar every day and has added almost four inches to his waistline. According to his documentary he developed signs of fatty liver disease after three weeks on his new diet.

Gameau, speaking on Australian TV, said that the majority of the food he was eating was what parents gave their kids believing they were doing the right thing with their children's diets.

"We are not being dogmatic and saying people have to quit sugar," he said.

 "It's just being aware that when I had breakfast cereal, low-fat yoghurt and apple juice for breakfast I was eating 20 teaspoons of sugar."

The documentary, entitled The Sugar Film, has been compared to the US film Super Size Me where Morgan Spurlock ate nothing but McDonalds for a whole month.

It features seveal cameos from well knows faces including Stephen Fry, Isabel Lucas and Brenton Thwaites.

Brenton Thwaites who stars in the documentary The Sugar Film

The Sugar film is part of a wider project which includes a website of low-sugar recipies. 

 Damon Gameau's risky nutritional experiment is captured in the documentary That Sugar Film, which will be released next year.