Pyjama-clad Canada kids caught travelling alone with hand-drawn map to ‘London’

Two young girls’ daring adventure was thwarted when police found the pair in their pyjamas, carrying a hand-drawn map to “London”.

The 10 and 12-year-old from Vancouver were spotted alone in their nightwear catching a bus at midnight with a map labelled “plan”.

The map directed the children to Production Way Skytrain Station with a note reading “eat!” before a final stop marked “London”.

<figcaption class='imgFCap'>(Metro Vancouver Transit Police/Twitter)</figcaption>
(Metro Vancouver Transit Police/Twitter)

However, according to Metro Vancouver Transit Police, the destination was not quite as ambitious England’s capital, it was London Drugs, a Canadian retail store.

It was not known what they planned to get at the shop, but the girls were spotted by driver Ed Boleak as they boarded his bus in Burnaby just before midnight, who contacted police.

The pair had been having a sleepover when they decided to sneak out of the house with the plans, but were eventually reunited with their parents by two police officers.

The girls had been missing for a few hours before they were found.

“It’s a lighthearted story, because this is two young girls, they’re out on an adventure,” Sergeant Clint Hampton told CBC.

“But there is the flip side of that and that is the risk of two young girls being out alone on the transit system late at night.”

- Press Association

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