President Obama proves he's just like the rest of us by forgetting his phone

We’ve all been there. You’re ready to leave the house, but when you get halfway down the street your heart stops. Where’s your phone? Ah, you left it at home. Cue an about-turn to go back and grab it, risking being late for brunch with friends.

Sound familiar? Well, it turns out that even the leader of the free world has made the same mistake.

Obama realised his error while walking to the helicopter Marine One to be taken to a fundraising event in Chicago. Slightly more important than brunch with friends, some might say.

Is it just us, or is his jog back to the Oval Office oddly adorable and infinitely relatable? Maybe except for the whole “Oval Office” thing.

According to George Condon, the White House correspondent for the National Journal, Obama had to run home as he had left his phone behind.

This is not the first time Obama has had to jog back to the Oval Office to retrieve his phone. Who can forget November 2014 when the pres left his BlackBerry behind? We’re hoping it’s only his phone that slips Obama’s mind, rather than anything more important.

BlackBerry successfully retrieved (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

It’s a refreshing reminder that, although he has the authority to command a nuclear attack, he’s pretty much like everyone else.


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