#PrayersForLondon: Twitter users share support for Londoners after Saturday's terror attack

People are taking to Twitter to share messages of love and support following the terror attack in London on Saturday evening, which left seven dead and dozens injured.

The attack involved three men driving a van at people on London Bridge, then leaving the van and mounting stabbing attacks in the area of Borough Market. The men were shot dead by police eight minutes after the first emergency call.

(Frank Augstein/AP)
Forensic police work within a cordoned-off area after the attack (Frank Augstein/AP)

As users in the UK and abroad heard about the attack, a hashtag quickly emerged for people to deliver their messages as one: #PrayersForLondon.

When the news broke, users reacted with shock.

Many wanted to send love and support to Londoners.

Others thanked the emergency services for their hard work on the evening of the attack.

Many messages took a defiant tone, expressing that terror would not win.

Police believe three terrorists carried out the atrocity and all have been “neutralised” after they were shot dead by armed officers.

People concerned about loved ones can call the casualty bureau line on 0800 0961 233.

Police are urging members of the public with photo or video footage of the incidents to upload them at http://www.ukpoliceimageappeal.co.uk

The Anti-Terrorist Hotline is 0800 789321. Anyone with urgent concerns should contact 999.

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