Policeman in riot gear runs into wall while chasing topless protestors

Topless feminist protestors took to the streets of Paris over the weekend and they caused quite the stir. As you can imagine.

Running down the streets chanting, the protestors are being hotly pursued by police in riot gear. But for one policeman, the streaking women prove just a little too nimble for him and he trips over his feet - face-planting into the wall.

It's quite the scene.

NSFW because… you know.. boobs.

The police eventually arrested 25 of the activists who are part of the feminist group FEMEN.

They were protesting against the sentence handed down in a French court to fellow FEMEN member Iana Zhdanova. Iana was convicted of sexual exhibitionism after she stabbed a wax statue of Vladimir Putin with a wooden stake. While topless. With the words 'Kill Putin' painted across her chest.

She was fined €1,500.

The radical feminist organization - which was originally formed in the Ukraine - fights against religious and government oppression, sexual exploitation and gender discrimination.

By Ciara Flaherty

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