Police officer drops to the floor in community press-up contest

Check out the moment a police officer was able to prove he’s still in tip-top shape.

The unnamed and good-natured officer dropped to the ground to do a series of press-ups in Washington DC in a display of “community policing”.

The seemingly spontaneous challenge took place in the city’s seventh district.

Dressed in full uniform the officer is seen completing 18 push-ups, although he did more as the camera panned away.

His female challenger – thought to be a keep-fit instructor – completed at least 22.

Washington Metro Police posted a video on Twitter of the exchange writing “push-up contest anyone?” It has been liked and shared dozens of times.

The competitive officer, who slowed down as time went on, can be heard asking: “How many did you do?”

Among the replies, people were offering the policeman tips on his technique should he be challenged again.

Earlier this month, one DC police officer was seen jumping a skipping rope and another did a back-flip in a park.

In another picture shared on Twitter, an officer is seen pulling a wheelie alongside a young cyclist.

Seems this competitive streak runs force-wide.

- Press Association

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