PICTURE OF THE DAY: Protester flashes boobs at Putin, Merkel

Two thumbs up from Vladimir!

Angela, not so much.

The incident happened this morning at a trade fair in Hannover, Germany when the leaders were confronted by an activist from Ukrainian feminist group Femen, known for drawing attention to its causes via much-photographed topless protests.

The protester also had an anti-Putin slogan daubed in Cyrillic script on her back, according to reports.

Three protestors accosted Mr Putin's party by the Volkswagen exhibit, according to HAZ, denouncing the Russian president as a 'dictator'.

They were however stopped by security staff before reaching Mr Putin.

A spokesperson for the Russian parliament has described the incident as 'hooliganism'.

The Russian leader is a frequent target of Femen protests, including those angered by the jailing of members of punk band Pussy Riot last year for singing anti-Putin songs.

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By Conor Hallahan

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