Pheasant crashes into bus - pheasant, surprisingly, wins

Pheasants don’t shy away from dancing with traffic, but for one lucky bird in Gloucester, England, even collisions don’t seem to be a problem.

Not only did the pheasant hit a vehicle, it hit a bus. Furthermore, rather than bursting into a puff of feathers, the little guy crashed through the windscreen and landed on the front seat – unscathed.

The pheasant
(Caroline Gould/Vale Wildlife Hospital)

In pictures posted to Facebook by Caroline Gould, the pheasant is standing quite calmly on the front seat of the bus’s upper deck.

“They will do anything to get a freebie ride,” commented John Wilman on the picture.

Taken to Vale Wildlife Hospital, the bird was found to have no injuries and released five minutes later. As for the bus, however…

The bus
(Caroline Gould/Vale Wildlife Hospital)

Not in service indeed.

Told you it was a lucky bird.