Pet-sitters beware of this cheeky farting dog

Dog-sitting is a glorious job: you get to spend an evening cuddling a gorgeous pooch and then you can go home, without the responsibilities of being a full-time pet owner.

However, this dog-sitter got perhaps a bit more than she bargained for when looking after Ella, the eight-year-old basset and beagle mix who lives in Washington, USA.

Dogsitter note
(Casey Lott/PA)

The dog-sitter left Ella’s owners a pretty hilarious note after their time together. It read: “Ella only ate half her food. I tried giving it to her several times, but after my final attempt she farted on me and ran away, so I guess she wasn’t hungry.”

It’s got to be said, this dog-sitter seems to have taken being farted on by a naughty dog pretty well. It’s probably because Ella, who is a rescue dog from Hounds Haven Basset Rescue in Iowa, has the kind of adorable face that could get away with anything.

Casey Lott, one of Ella’s owners, shared the note to Reddit and it soon went viral, with people loving Ella’s sassy behaviour. Casey says: “As soon as we saw the note we both laughed and basically said ‘Yep, that’s Ella’.”

(Casey Lott/PA)

Luckily, there’s no hard feelings as the dog-sitter apparently found the whole episode funny.

It turns out that Ella’s a bit of a troublemaker – and she certainly isn’t a stranger to breaking wind. Casey says: “She does fart a lot, which may be caused by the fact she does eat her and my other dogs’ poop.”

Stay classy, Ella.


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