People think Sweden's deputy PM is slyly taunting Donald Trump in this picture

Get ready for your daily dose of badassery, because Sweden’s deputy prime minister Isabella Lovin posted this picture on Friday, showing her signing a climate law document surrounded by seven women.

Normally a tweet like this wouldn’t go viral, but many people are detecting an extra layer to it. Hmm…could it be that Lovin is trolling Donald Trump on the DL? On closer look, her photo does seem to have a few similarities to a particular image of Trump.

What is particularly powerful about this (if Lovin is indeed parodying Trump) is the fact that Trump was signing an anti-abortion executive order, and many people found it particularly poignant that he was ruling on women’s reproductive rights surrounded by men. Compare this to Lovin, who is surrounded by women (and even one who’s pregnant).

And people are loving the statement that Lovin looks to be making.

Indeed many are taking to Twitter to thank Lovin for the powerful image.

For many, it’s a gloriously ninja way to draw a direct comparison to Trump.

What makes it even more awesome is the fact that Lovin is signing something that will do much to help the environment – compare this to Trump, who looks set to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

A member of the Green Party, Lovin is also minister for international development cooperation and climate, and is a vocal proponent for women’s rights.