People love this story of a man who was sent an almost impossibly tiny envelope

The Internet loves something uncharacteristically small; dogs, horses, houses, you name it.

The most recent small thing going viral, however, is slightly more unexpected: an envelope.

Sam Cooney, a publisher at The Lifted Brow, tweeted pictures of a letter he was sent, writing: “Someone sent us something in an envelope so (officially) tiny that Australia Post had to put it inside a bigger envelope, and I really don’t want to break the magic and open it.”

Naturally, social media users loved the adorable envelope, as well as the delivery notice, reading “so tiny”, from Australia Post. The original Tweet now has more than 11,000 retweets.

User Tom Corleone said: “I didn’t know mail could be cute.”

Cooney revealed the contents of the envelope in a later post, showing followers that the mail was sent by comic book company Minicomic of the Month Club.

The letter contained two identical tiny comics.

(Sam Cooney/@SamuelCooney)

Cooney said: “It was a couple of copies of a tiny comic reminding us to subscribe again for 2018.

“This was them marketing the service in a cheeky little way.”

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