People are sharing their worst dates on Twitter

We all have our go-to ‘bad date’ story. It was horrific at the time – but now that time has passed, it’s kind of hilarious.

People have been taking to Twitter to share their tales of dating woe. Their stories are so awful they’ll probably make you feel pretty good about your own terrible experiences when trying to find love.

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The best thing? Because it’s Twitter, the dates had to be summarised in just 140 characters, so there are some pretty explosive stories told in just a sentence or two.

Here are some of our favourites.

The ones where they’re married

Cheating seems to be a common theme. We can’t wrap our heads around the logic here – did the cheaters think they wouldn’t get found out? Possibly worse, these people’s dates couldn’t even be bothered to hide it.

The ones where they’re not over an ex

The date still being into an ex can be a major problem. It’s even worse if they get back together with their ex – on the date.

The dates in weird places

Some dates were bad purely because of their terrible location choice. We might be old school, but what’s wrong with dinner and drinks?

The people with ulterior motives

It turns out there are people who don’t go on dates to find love at all.

The uninvited guests

Some people decided it would be a good idea to bring family members on the date. Nothing quashes the potential of romance quicker than the addition of a child/parent/aunt/cousin into the mix.

The plain weird ones

And then there are the bad dates that can’t even be categorised they’re so weird.

What we’d love to know is how the unfortunate people telling these tales handled such bizarre situations. We hope they ran away – fast.


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