People are sharing Manchester bomb victim Martyn Hett's funniest tweets

People are paying tribute to Manchester terror attack victim Martyn Hett sharing a Twitter moment of his funniest tweets.

The Stockport PR manager had created a collection titled “Martyn: Greatest Hits” in October to highlight his best-performing tweets.

He had written: “A narcissistic collection of some of my most popular tweets for the fans.”

Among the popular tweets was a witty open letter to Tesco in which Martyn relayed his struggles of getting his hands on the supermarket’s custard cream spread.

The note caught the attention of supermarket bosses, who not only responded to him on Twitter, but sent him a hamper of champagne, chocolates and a jar of the coveted sweet treat.

Other humorous tweets included his winning Halloween costume – where he donned the disguise of beloved Coronation Street character Deirdre Barlow – and a photo which went viral in 2015 of a dog with ham on its face.

Martyn, 29, was one of the 22 people who lost their lives in the Manchester Arena terror attack. His devastated family called him “the icon of all our lives”.

He had appeared on TV shows such as Come Dine With Me and Tattoo Fixers and was looking forward to setting off on a two-month trip to the US just days after the attack.


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