People are offering Justin Trudeau style tips after he ‘dresses up like a groom’ on India trip

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is on a week-long trip to India, and has been photographed wearing traditional Indian dress.

The Indian movie stars he met at one event opted for smart casual western dress – Aamir Khan wore dark mustard chinos and Shah Rukh Khan opted for a black suit.

But the PM went for an outfit some online said would be more appropriate for a wedding.

Justin Trudeau meets Aamir Khan, but someone didn’t get the dress code memo (Sean Kilpatrick/AP)

It’s not the fact that he’s wearing Indian dress that’s been rubbing people up the wrong way, it’s just pretty over the top by normal standards.

Indians themselves were advising him to rethink the wardrobe.

Maanyavar is an Indian clothing brand known for its party wear.

“Who is buying you clothes?” asked another, before dismissing his ornate sherwani coat.

Some thought he looked more like a man on his own wedding day than the prime minister at a function.

Trudeau is no stranger to Indian outfits, having worn them several times for Diwali events in his native Canada.

Some people were supportive of him donning Indian dress, and thought it was nice that he was making an effort.

But his dedication to the outfits made some Indians feel, well, a little lacking.

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