People are explaining the worst injuries they’ve had from everyday activities

We all know extreme activities like hang-gliding and parachuting can get us injured, but what about more mundane activities like eating your breakfast?

Reddit user Penya23 asked people on the website: “What are the worst injuries you have sustained doing the simplest, most mundane tasks that should not have caused any injuries?” People did not disappoint with their stories.

Here are 11 of the best examples, which might just make you afraid of the most basic of activities.

1. This incredible paper-cut.

2. A pulled muscle that had nothing to do with sports…

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3. This person injured themselves going to play with a cat.

4. How on earth did this happen?

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5. The worst thing that could ever happen.

6. Alarm clocks are a hazard.

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7. This awful chicken accident.

8. Jumping on a mattress is an extreme sport.

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9. This hazardous sneeze.

10. Extremely unfortunate.

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11. Lastly, this vicious injury cycle.

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