People are explaining life’s minor annoyances that drive them absolutely crazy

Whether it’s loud chewing or poor text etiquette, we all have tiny pet peeves that drive us nuts.

Reddit user GranTdeHarvard asked people on the website: “What things are minor annoyances for most people, but drive you to the brink of insanity?”

Here are 11 answers that might annoy you just a little bit.

1. This minor irritation is too much.

2. Poor texting practice is a no-no.

3. Is this a minor or a serious annoyance in your books?

4. Awful.

5. These terrible people.

6. This person hates whistling.

7. Lots of people are probably guilty of this.

8. Instead of “I couldn’t care less”.

9. This dreadful sound.

10. The noise people make to avoid burning their tongue.

11. Lastly, this annoyance that everybody experiences…

- Press Association

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