Parrot found at Dublin Airport reunited with owner through Lidl store poster

We love a witty Twitter exchange, and more often than not when the people behind Lidl Ireland's Twitter account are involved, it's golden.

What's more, a presumably distraught parrot owner and his pet bird who had gone missing were reunited thanks to the speedy response of the Lidl team.

The story begins with a Tweet posted by Dublin Airport about a parrot who had been found by resident firefighter Craig Wade during a routine runway inspection.

She had been cared for and was in good hands ahead of the airport's quest through social media to find her owner.

The Tweet read:

"Our firefighter Craig Wade found this African grey parrot during a routine runway inspection earlier this week.

"She’s being given specialist care & is calm & doing well. We’d like to reunite her with her owner. Please RT to help us find them & DM us if she is yours."

The response that followed from Lidl Ireland just proves how small a world we really do live in and even more so how small an island Ireland is.

Lo and behold, on the wall of one of Lidl's stores was a missing parrot poster.

The infamous Dublin Airport parrot turned out to be the same parrot up on the Lidl store's wall.

Lidl Ireland tweeted:

"Guys this is going to sound unbelievable but there's a "Missing Parrot" poster in one of our stores, so we called the number to check and it's his parrot! We'll drop you a DM now."

LADS. Only in Ireland.

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