Paris Fashion Week: Dwarf models walk the runway to prove being tall isn't important

Fashion should be for everybody.

And one organisation is trying to make that statement by rolling out the red carpet for models who don’t fit the runway stereotype.

The National Dwarf Fashion Show saw 15 dwarf models strutting along the runway to public applause.

The show, which is now in its third season, was presented during the Paris Fashion Week although it wasn’t a part of the normal calendar.

Bucking the runway stereotype of tall and willowy models, women dwarves measuring under 4ft 4″ proudly sashayed along the ramp wearing glittering gowns in the grand rooms of the French Ministry of Culture.

The show is a part of the French government’s initiative to promote alternative standards of beauty in an industry where being tall and thin is the ultimate goal.

Organisers have long been accusing the French fashion industry of “discriminatory diktats” that exclude short people from being considered beautiful.

Myriam Chalek, founder of The National Dwarf Fashion Show, told the press after the event: “When you look at all these fashion shows you see tall and skinny models. I don’t see myself in them.

“Because being a model… it’s just showcasing clothes. So if you know how to walk the runway, you are a model.

“I feel like we kind of forget what fashion is really about. It’s about self-expression.

“So that’s what the dwarf fashion show’s about… providing this community of little women with clothing that fits them physically but also mentally, emotionally, so they can feel good about themselves.”

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