Pádraig Harrington saw a chance to ask for Late Late Toy Show tickets and he did not waste it

So you’re on the Late Late, chatting to Ryan and the Toy Show comes up in conversation.

Would you ask for tickets? Of course you would!

It is exactly what Pádraig Harrington did when he was on the show on Friday night.

Dowtcha, Pádraig boy!

Tubridy also asked Harrington if he was asked by the Government, would he play a round of golf with US President Donald Trump.

Harrington replied by saying: "A person said to me, what's the difference between a smart man and a wise man? A smart man knows the answer to all the question, a wise man avoids the question.

When pushed, Harrington added: "I can guarantee if the Government of Ireland asked me to do something I would do it."



By Steve Neville

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