Owner had to prove that 'Dublin Airport parrot' spoke Slovak to be reunited

By Anna O'Donoghue

You may remember a story about a rogue parrot that was found in Dublin airport earlier this week - well, it finally got the flappy ending it deserved.

The female African Grey parrot, who we now know is named Hugo, was found at the airport on Sunday after she escaped home the day before.

Dublin Airport launched a social media appeal to reunite the African grey parrot with her owner, but four people came forward claiming she was theirs.

Speaking about how they managed to find her rightful owner, Paul O'Kane explained that one of four mentioned that it was a Slovak-speaking parrot.

Airport management then had the idea of recording an audio clip of him talking to the parrot in his native tongue and sent it to the animal shelter in Kildare, where the bird has been kept.

"They were then able to play the clip for the parrot, who was instantly excited," he said.

"It was clear that he was the owner of the parrot".

Taking to Twitter, the airport thanked, supermarket chain Lidl, an animal sanctuary and modern technology for their help in solving the mystery.

They also posted a video of the moment owner, Lubomir was reunited with Hugo.

Zili šťastne až kým nepomreli.

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