#Ophelia: Twitter is absolutely losing it over the colour of the sky in the UK

London and much of the UK has been bathed in a strange glow due to dust swept up by powerful winds of Storm Ophelia.

The combination of a red sun and yellow sky left people jokingly asking if they were walking around inside an Instagram or Snapchat filter.

The sky even photobombed an interview with an MP on Brexit.

(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

Storm Ophelia was knocked into second place on Twitter’s UK trends as one effect of the former hurricane was the dramatic change in the colour of the sky.

In some places, the light was so dim that street lights were triggered in the middle of the day.

Dust particles picked up by the storm from Africa and Southern Europe are behind the bizarre occurrence.

#RedSun and #YellowSky were both sitting high in the UK’s trends on the social network along with “Sahara” and “sepia”.

But there were some who disagreed on the filter name or what the sky now looked like.

The colour of the sky even overshadowed a TV news interview with MP John Redwood – much to the amusement of those on Twitter.

Redwood, who was being interviewed on the BBC about Brexit, ended up playing second fiddle to the backdrop of the funny-coloured sky and the scaffolding around the Queen Elizabeth Tower.

The odd phenomenon even sparked a surge in Google questions.

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