Online shopping site Missguided praised for showing models with stretch marks

Missguided's decision to show models with stretch marks is sending out a positive message to young woman.

The online retailer is being praised for untouching photographs on its website.

Meanwhile, an ad for a leading travel magazine has been banned for featuring an 'unhealthily thin' model.

The advertising watchdog in the UK says the ad for Conde Nast Travel draws unnecessary attention to the model's thin frame and deemed it irresponsible.

Head of the Advertising Authority of Ireland Orla Twomey says advertisers have a responsibility.

She said: "Using models that do look very thin is potentially harmful because it implies a desired normal body weight and when it is not a desired normal body weight, it is giving an impression that this is what you should aspire to be.

"That is likely to be harmful, particularly to younger people."


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