Once you see this picture of a floor tile you won’t stop thinking about it

Whoever laid these floor tiles at a restaurant in the US was up to mischief.

The tiles slip together to make a pretty uniform pattern of blocks – or rather they should.

Within the pattern is a rogue tile which screws up the entire series.

(John Simpson)

For those not so eagle-eyed, the misaligned square is in the top left of the picture.

John Simpson, 51, took the picture of the flooring at Chuy’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant in Addison, Texas after his daughter Natalia, 11, spotted the rogue tile placement.

Encouraged by Natalia, Simpson posted a picture on Reddit convinced he was “sitting in a pile of that sweet, sweet, Reddit, fake, internet Karma”.

Simpson said: “We just thought it was really funny that they had this one tile out of place, so we snapped the photo of it.”

(SweetBabeeJay/Getty Images)

But perhaps the tile’s placement isn’t quite as accidental as it first seems.

Simpson added: “It wasn’t until we fully entered that the hostess saw what we were doing, so we explained.

“That’s when she told us that the ‘one tile off’ pattern is repeated throughout the place. We aren’t so OCD that a crooked tile would throw us off. We really just thought it was very funny.”

But for the rest of us, it might be difficult to stop thinking about a whole restaurant and a floor of misaligned tiles – even if it was done on purpose.

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