Old-fashioned pranks that kids of today are too technologically advanced for

It’s official: the children of today are far too technologically advanced for old-fashioned pranks.

Reddit user MirrorInk asked people on the site for examples of old tricks that are a lot more difficult to carry out thanks to modern technology.

Here are 11 of the best old-fashioned pranks that kids of today will never be able to enjoy.

1. Prank calls don’t really work

2. It’s a lot meaner to throw someone in a pool when it might break their phone.

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3. People are a lot less gullible.

4. If you have someone’s phone password you could still try this…

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5. Some pranks are obsolete now.

6. This sneaky prank would never fly in the age of smartphones.

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7. You’d never get away with a prank if someone filmed it.

8. Nobody uses chalkboards anymore.

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9. Much faster internet does have one downside.

10. Somebody could Google this in seconds.

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11. Vending machines have got much smarter.

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