Officials criticise ‘feng shui’ after sofa and cushions dumped on main road

Feng shui can be a great way of harmonising belongings in a space – from getting your desk near a window or your bed away from a door.

But the principles don’t really extend to the best arrangement for dumping your sofa on a busy road.

That’s where the Arizona Department of Transport comes in.

It needed to alert motorists to a sofa and cushions partially blocking the road near Buckeye.

And its sassy feng shui quip caught people’s attention.

“For the record, the feng shui of placing furniture on a highway is all wrong,” the tweet read.

It later updated the account to explain the items had been moved, adding: “On a side note, anyone want a sofa? Going cheap, just pay for shipping.”

One Twitter follower asked if there was an upturn in abandoned furniture around the start/end of the month as people are more likely to move house.

- Press Association

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