Off-duty policeman saves fellow diner choking on fast food

This incredible footage has been shared by police after one of their off-duty officers stepped in to help a man who was choking.

The video shows a man and a child eating at a branch of Buffalo Wild Wings in the US state of New Jersey.

The diner can be seen trying to catch his breath, putting his hands to his mouth and then reaching for a drink before Trooper Dennis Palaia steps in.

“Trooper Palaia quickly wrapped his arms around the man’s waist and provided four abdominal thrusts, which cleared his airway.

“The man was able to breathe and his skin tone returned to its natural colour.”

Palaia, who works with Troop B Tactical Patrol Unit, had been at Buffalo Wild Wings in Rockaway Township with his son when the drama unfolded.

His quick-thinking and actions have been praised by colleagues in the social media post.

It added: “With the exception of a sore throat and aching ribs, we are pleased to report that the man made a full recovery and is eternally grateful to Trooper Palaia, whose quick and decisive actions undoubtedly prevented a tragedy.”


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