Ó Briain calls for end of beautiful-women-in-crowd shots at World Cup

By Shaun Cronin

Comedian Dara Ó Briain has taken FIFA to task for an unusual reason.

Ó Briain has called on the World Cup organiser to stop picking out camera shots of the ‘pretty’ girl in the crowd when the ball is not in play.

For those unaware FIFA operate the TV feed given to channels like RTÉ, BBC and ITV for the World Cup finals.

As such the broadcasters have no control over what pictures are shown while the game is live.

To be fair to Dara they do really make it obvious at times.

Speaking on his very popular Twitter page Ó Briain even went as far as accusing FIFA of doing it on purpose.

He also lamented the lack of creativity of home-made posters at the tournament saying the Irish would have done a better job.

Although he may not have seen these guys!

The comedian was keen to stress he has no problem with “attractive women”, but would prefer if FIFA would show fans of all shapes and sizes.

Do you agree with Dara? Would you rather just watch the beautiful game?

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