Nothing to see here, just a seal being chased into the water by a fishmonger in Wicklow town

Twitter user Derek Byrne spotted one of the most unusual scenes today in Wicklow town, writes Breda Graham.

A fishmonger hunting a seal, who is known locally as Sammy the Seal, back into the water.

The tweet has since gone viral after racking up over nine thousand retweets and 24 thousand likes.

It turns out, the seal in question is himself a celebrity in the town of Wicklow.

Sammy hops out of the water onto dry land to get his supply of food from the fishmongers at the The Lighthouse Restaurant across the road.

In a video published by Wicklow Tourism, Alan Hegarty from The Lighthouse Restaurant said that Sammy has trained him into feeding him three times daily.

Sammy has become smart since the opening of the restaurant and can now jump out of the water not only at high tide, in search for his fix of food.

The problem with him getting out of the water is that he could be injured. After all, Sammy is a wild animal, and like all grey seals can be an aggresive animal.

For Sammy’s safety and the safety of locals and tourists, the fishmongers aim to keep him in the water.

Mr Hegarty said that hopefully Sammy can become Wicklow’s Fungie, with many tourists visiting the area to catch a glimpse of the hungry seal.

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