‘Not funny, and not that interesting’: David Walliams gets a very honest fan letter

It must be easy to lose the run of yourself when you’re a celebrity - that gilded cage of champagne and truffles, and endless ‘I love yous' and praise.

So, sometimes it takes a bucket of cold water in the shape of a brutal fan letter to bring them back to earth.

Eight-year-old Molly tells comic and children’s books author David Walliams that his Billionaire Boy “wasn’t very good...I didn’t think it was that funny or that intresting (sic). Thank you.”

She liked some of his other stuff, though. That’s good then.

As he says himself, “There is nothing like a really honest fan letter from a child…”

The subject of the letter, Walliams’ Billionaire Boy is Joe Spud, the richest 12-year-old in the world.

A book description on Walliams’ site reads: “Joe has everything he could ever want: his own Formula One racing car, a thousand pairs of trainers, even an orangutan for a butler!”

Not interesting enough for Molly though. Tough crowd…..

Walliams replied:

Find out more about David’s books here.

By Jill O'Sullivan

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