Northern Irish town gives John Lewis a run for its money with this Christmas ad

The world might be gushing over the latest John Lewis Christmas advert but a town in Northern Ireland wants to give the company a run for its money.

Ballymena has released its own advert promoting business in the town - and it features its own cast of cute characters.

’The Martian and The Pigeon’ is the unlikely storey of a tiny Martian crash-landing in Ballymena and befriending a local pigeon.

A key part of the Martian’s spaceship breaks in the crash and so he befriends the pigeon and uses the bird as a means to explore the town and get up to some mischief in the run up to Christmas.

At the end of the ad, following references to E.T. and Stranger Things, the pair are ultimately able to source a replacement part, which just happens to be one of the biggest memes of 2017.

Have a look:

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