No, your eyes do not deceive you - that really is a Deliveroo driver riding a penny farthing

The sight of a rider zooming past with a big green backpack in tow has become commonplace to most Londoners. We live in an age where you can demand the delivery of everything from Peri-Peri chicken to sushi sent right to your door. And we’re perfectly okay with that.

It takes quite a lot to make London-dwellers say “WTF?!” but a Deliveroo driver going about his business on a penny farthing seems to have done the trick. Several people shared pictures of the confusing scene on Twitter.


The dapper fellow was spotted rolling around Trafalgar Square on Thursday evening, looking perfectly at home on his one giant wheel. He even parked it outside a restaurant while he picked up food.

Coincidentally (or is it?), today also saw Deliveroo hit the headlines for paying low wages to its drivers. A new contract announced in May means that Deliveroo can pay workers less than the minimum wage – they now get paid £3.75 per delivery instead of £7 per hour plus £1 commission per delivery.

Deliveroo claims that the scheme allows workers more flexibility, but critics say that the model will leave employees with lower wages.

Could it be that Deliveroo’s penny farthing rider wasn’t such a random occurrence? We couldn’t possibly speculate…

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