'No loud Americans' sign in Kerry café makes headlines - in the US

Picture: Maurice Campbell via Twitter

A controversial sign barring 'Loud Americans' from a café in Co Kerry has been making news headlines across the pond.

The sign, affixed to the window in Peter's Place café and hostel in Waterville, had raised eyebrows on social media after being spotted last month by a Northern Irish visitor to the Ring of Kerry.

Maurice Campbell had tweeted a snap of the sign - which reads 'No Bus/Coach (sic) or Loud American's (sic again). Thank You' - with the caption "It must be nice to have your money made".

Café owner Peter Fitzgerald has declined to comment on the sign, or the furore around it.

Having initially been picked up by Irish media, the story has now made it to the US, where reaction is - understandably - negative.

"While Ireland tries to attract American tourists, a café is waging war against the Yanks," begins one report for CNBC, before quoting locals who insisted that the sign was not reflective of views in the community.

"I thought it was out of order," original tweeter Campbell told CNBC reporter Amy Langfield.

"It seemed nasty."

Commenters under the CNBC story online agreed, with some even calling for the area to be boycotted.

"I would not spend my money or time going anywhere i am not wanted," wrote Johnathan Watsonson. "Scotland is better anyway," he added inaccurately.

"Time to boycott all beer-drinking gingers!" added fellow commenter Mr Integrity (possibly not his real name.

"Wait, that's the entire Irish population!"

However some agreed with the sentiment expressed by the proprietor.

"Makes me want to patronize them," wrote John Marzo. "More American restaurants should take this approach."

The story was also picked up by the Toronto Sun, although we are sure there wasn't the slightest tinge of Schadenfreude in a Canadian publication running a yarn about 'loud Americans'.

Meanwhile a statement issued from the Waterville Business Association said the sign in no way represents the views of Waterville businesses or the community as a whole, and that Americans are always welcome in the village.

Fianna Fáil councillor Norma Moriarty meanwhile told Radio Kerry she understood if tourists were upset by the sign, but that they can be assured of a big ‘Céad Míle Fáilte’ in Waterville and along the Ring of Kerry.

By Conor Hallahan

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