Nine head-scratching questions that are keeping people up at night

Curiosity and critical thinking are two great qualities to possess, but they can also result in some sleepless nights.

People have been sharing the nagging questions that keep them up at night.

And while there were plenty about politics, the meaning of life, and religion, there’s just as much merit in questioning the official story of Cinderella, or how old we actually are.

1. There was one from someone who’s clearly looking to cut down on the washing.

2. And others that could sit just as well in a list of dad jokes.

3. This person sounds like they might get on well in South Korea…

… where a baby is one as soon as they’re born.

4. While there aren’t currently any countries that count age like this.

5. English words have kept people up.

6. And so have meta ruminations on clowns.

7. Questions still surround the folk tale of Cinderella.

8. And those beloved little blue people.

9. Good luck sleeping tonight.

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