Nigel Farage had dinner with Donald Trump and there's some pretty awks photographic evidence

Nigel Farage has made absolutely no secret of his friendship with Donald Trump.

Now it seems the pals decided to grab a bite at the Trump International Hotel after Farage gave a speech at the Conservative conference in the US.

Clearly in a humble bragging mood, Farage decided to share a picture of him sat round the table having “Dinner with the Donald”.

Now you’ll probably look at this picture and share the feeling of many that it just seems a bit… odd.

Firstly, there’s the weird greenery in the foreground suggesting the photographer is stood in some form of indoor shrubbery…

There’s also the fact only Farage is grinning or even looking for the picture (but not at the person who’s taking it) …

… and then there’s the claims that he wasn’t actually invited and was squeezed in at the last minute.

People are trying to imagine what the conversation might have been like.

Some are also feeling quite sorry for possibly the only person who might be getting fomo from this picture: the actual British Ambassador to the US.