Ní Saoirse go Saoirse na mBan: There is no freedom until the freedom of women

By Claire Anderson

Women from the International Freedom Battalion have posed for a picture in solidarity with women in Ireland fighting to repeal the 8th amendment.

The battalion are international volunteers who have travelled to Rojava to help the fight against Islamic State.

Their cardboard sign reads "Ní Saoirse go Saoirse na mBan" which in English means "There is no freedom until the freedom of women", with "Repeal the 8th" written below.

The solidarity from women fighting on the frontlines against Islamic State highlights the global struggle against those who want to use religion to deny women bodily autonomy.

A demonstration is to take place in Dublin, September 24, to demand a referendum to repeal the 8th amendment.

The photo was posted by the Bob Crow Brigade Twitter account, the group of fighters in the International Freedom Battalion that are from the UK and Ireland.

On September 2, the brigade stated "when we came to defend the revolution we meant enemies, big or small".

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