NI hasn't had a government for 589 days and people are tweeting what they've done in that time

By Greg Murphy

19 months ago the government in Northern Ireland was dissolved after a power-sharing row.

589 days later, there still no end in sight as Stormont remains without a functioning Assembly.

The North has now equalled a record set by Belgium for the longest period without an operational government in peacetime.

People have taken to Twitter to tell us what they have done in the 589 days, and it's a lot actually.

Colum Eastwood, leader of the SDLP, said that legislators should be "embarrassed".

"For our people to have been left for 589 days without a government is a truly sorry indictment of our politics here.

“With Brexit our politics has now reached a defining moment. We cannot allow a hard Brexit to be thrust upon our people without a functioning Assembly to mitigate its devastating impacts.”

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