Ní Bheoláin's job comments 'a joke'

RTÉ has said news anchor Sharon Ní Bheoláin was "just joking" in a comment to colleague Ray Kennedy that was broadcast to the nation.

The two news presenters were fronting last Friday night's Six One news bulletin when the tail-end of their pre-broadcast chat was unwittingly caught on camera.

As the colleagues face each other, Ní Bheoláin can clearly be heard saying "Your job's OK - this time" to Kennedy, before the two turn to camera to get down to business.

Watch below:

However according to the Irish Independent, the tongue-slip was a joke between colleagues rather than a reference to her co-presenter's job security.

"Sharon’s comments have been played down by RTÉ as a joke between her and Kennedy," according to the Independent, and given that we don't hear the preceding conversation, that may well be the case.

Ray's face tho…

It's not the first time that an unguarded moment from Ní Bheoláin has made online headlines, with her serious side eye following a video report on modern dance making us laugh back in January.

By Conor Hallahan

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