New Sminky Shorts video released

The very successful Sminky Shorts animation series has returned with a new video, all thanks to the Clare County Council.

After deciding they needed a fresh approach to highlighting the issue of dog fouling, the Council teamed up with the makers of Sminky Shorts to create a new comedy clip in order to promote their new Green Dog Walkers scheme.

It’s hoped the scheme will enlighten the public on the negative impact of dog waste on the environment and public health, as well as actively encouraging owners to clean up after their dogs.

The hilarious footage features a poor dog as he struggles with nature's call and the gags roll from there.

It’s good to have them back…

Environmental Awareness Officer with Clare County Council Karen Foley says the video was a “fun way to bring attention” to the issue of dog fouling.

“The Sminky Shorts clip is a promotional tool and fun way to bring attention to the need for dog owners to take responsibility for their animals litter,” said Foley.

“The clip will be used on Facebook and Twitter as a means of helping promote awareness of our Green Dog Walkers scheme and will also be included in part of our primary schools litter awareness programme.”

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By Shaun Cronin

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