New list reveals 110 best cities in world for millennials and Dublin and Cork made the cut

If you dream about leaving everything behind and setting up a new life in another city, you’re not alone. Many millennials aren’t afraid to relocate halfway across the globe in search of new adventures and career opportunities.

Millennial City Rankings 2018 analyses 110 cities, taking into account the factors that young people think are important – and no, it’s not coffee and avocado on toast. In fact, the study found that most millennials care more about housing and human rights than partying.

The ranking took four main concerns into consideration: Is there work available? Can you afford to live a good life? Is the city open and tolerant? And, can you have fun?

They also looked at factors like gender equality and internet speed.

Before listing the top five cities it is worth noting that Ireland made the list twice with Dublin coming in at 43rd and Cork taking a creditable 92nd spot.

Check out the full list here, but if you’re looking for a new start beyond these shores you could do worse than these top picks…

1. Berlin

Germany’s coolest city came out on top after being placed second in the ranking last year. The capital has a winning combination of buzzing nightlife, world-class art, rich history and a laid-back lifestyle – where cultural and artistic expression are taken seriously. You’ll find street art on every corner, clubs open all night and cafes crammed with creative heads.

Best for: Nightlife, immigration tolerance and opportunities for startups.

2. Montreal

The largest city in Quebec is often called Canada’s cultural capital – arts and festivals take centre stage here. It’s also blessed with an eclectic and ever-evolving food scene, from poutine, bagels and the city’s famous smoked meat, to English pubs, Jewish delis and French patisseries. You need to love cold weather though, the winters are long and harsh.

Best for: Immigration tolerance, LGBT friendliness and festivals.

3. London

If you’re looking for a new exciting city to live in, you actually may not have to travel too far. London has a lot going for it – history, diversity, green spaces and some of the best museums and galleries in the world – and you won’t need to grapple with a new language.

Best for: Tourism services, universities and nightlife.

4. Amsterdam

If it’s picturesque you’re looking for, Amsterdam has it all – canals weaving under low bridges, narrow cobbled streets, and cosy drinking establishments known as bruin cafes everywhere you look. Do like the locals do and cycle.

Best for: Personal freedom and choice, festivals and nightlife.

5. Toronto

The second Canadian city in the top five, Toronto is multicultural, vibrant and home to some of the world’s best restaurants. It’s clean, safe and greener than it might seen – a short ferry ride away, the Toronto islands are perfect for biking, hiking and lying on the beach. And if it’s arts you’re into, Toronto Film Festival is seen as the second most important festival of its kind, after Cannes.

Best for: Festivals, immigration tolerance and LGBT friendliness.

The rest of the top ten was made up of Vancouver, Barcelona, New York City, Cologne and Manchester.

- Press Association & Digital Desk

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