Neighbours build window in garden fence so student can play with their dog

Kind dog-owners in Alberta, Canada came up with an ingenious way to spread some puppy cheer when they built a window in their garden fence.

Nursing student Laryssa Ubels filmed a video of her neighbours’ dog named Jake as she reached through the window to give him some attention.

Posting the video to Reddit, Laryssa said: “I’m not allowed a dog, so my neighbours built a window into my yard so I can pet theirs!”

Laryssa explained that she visited Jake about two to three times per week until she recently moved.

She said: “My neighbours used to have a lower, broken down fence. They got Jake as a puppy, and he’s was so freaking cute. I had a small pile of bricks that I would stand on and reach over the fence at a particularly low section, and he’d stand up on his back legs and I’d just be able to touch his nose.

“The neighbours must have seen us doing that because when they installed the new fence they called my landlords to ask if they could put the window in. It’s honestly so sweet of them, Jake can comfortably stand and I can pet him all over. He hears my garage door when I come home and stands and waits like that by the window.”

The adorable video of Laryssa reaching through the window to play with Jake now has over 106,000 upvotes on Reddit.

She said: “He’s mostly an outdoor dog so he’s usually in the yard. He gets to sleep inside or go inside whenever he asks, he just likes being outside in the yard. He’s probably almost three years old now, and we’ve been doing this since he was a puppy.

“He’s super friendly and hardly ever barks, I wish I could take him home!”

Laryssa said: “This video has blown up, I was really surprised! I think it’s partially due to a cute dog, but also to the thoughtfulness and kindness of my neighbours.

“I’m glad there’s been so much positive attention, and I can’t believe how many people are upset that my landlords won’t let me get a dog! Mostly I’ve seen a lot of comments of people wanting to be good neighbours and have good neighbours, and that’s really nice.”

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