Mum shaves daughter’s hair as punishment for bullying bald cancer patient

A video that surfaced online last year, but has recently been shared widely, shows a mother shaving off her daughter’s hair reportedly as punishment for bullying a bald cancer patient.

The girl can be seen sitting in the video, her head in her hands, as her mother stands behind her running an electric shaver through her hair.

The girl seems extremely distressed but her mother continues to shave off clumps of her hair.

Although this video is widely noted as having come to light as an unconventional means of punishment, it has not been confirmed.

The mother seems to be speaking Portuguese in the footage, however it is hard to detect what is being said.

Commenters have described the act as “going too far”, “horrendous abuse” and “bad parenting”.

We all know bullying is wrong, but is this the right way to discipline a child? Let us know in the comments below.


By Claire Anderson

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