Motorway police stop car being driven on metal wheel rim in UK

A car being driven on a metal wheel rim has been stopped by UK police on a motorway.

The battered red Citroen also had severely damaged bodywork and was missing a headlight and a wing mirror when it was pulled over on the M60 Manchester Outer Ring Road.

Despite its condition, police said it was “not involved in an accident today” and the driver believed it was “acceptable” to be driven on the motorway.

The red Citroen was being driven on a metal wheel rim (North West Motorway Police/PA)

Officers were alerted to the vehicle after receiving “numerous” reports from concerned motorists.

North West Motorway Police, which represents four forces in the region, posted on Twitter that the driver was arrested on suspicion of drug-driving after giving a positive roadside sample.

Police pulled the vehicle over on the M60 (North West Motorway Police/PA)

The group said “patrols couldn’t believe it once we got the vehicle stopped”, adding: “This is not a wind-up. Vehicle in question has not been involved in an accident today.

“Driver under the influence of drugs has entered the network thinking this is acceptable.”

- Press Association



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