Monopoly is giving everyone the chance to vote for new game tokens

Hasbro have launched a vote online to select eight completely new tokens for this year's version of the iconic boardgame.

Monopoly's tokens have changed over the years since it was launched in 1933, the last time being the vote to replace the iron piece with a cat, and now the internet can choose to get rid of Hazel the cat, if they feel like it.

Hasbro has always proven adept at adapting, replacing its city streets with versions of global capitals and tying in movies and TV shows into the gameplay.

People have until January 31 to go to and choose eight different pieces from a selection of more than 50 in what the game makers are calling Monopoly Token Madness.

Of course, voters can stick with the current selection if they feel the game wouldn't be the same without Scottie the dog.

But how cool would it be to get out of jail with your T-rex token.

Pic via Hasbro.

The full list of old and possible Monopoly tokens includes:

Scottie the dog, thimble, car, Hazel the cat, battleship, hat, wheelbarrow, boot, horse, rooster, goldfish, tortoise, penguin, rabbit, T-rex, telephone, typewriter, bathtub, television, key, gramophone, trumpet, sports car, race car, motorcycle, helicopter, private jet, monster truck, scooter, smiley face, kissy face, wink, laughter, Mr. Monopoly emoji, hashtag, thumbs up, surfboard, sailboat, life preserver, jetski, beach ball, speed boat, rubber duck, sunglasses, cowboy hat, bow tie, pocket watch, cufflinks, money clip, watch, campfire, wheel, computer, bicycle, camera, sliced bread, wireless phone, cowboy boot, bunny slipper, sneaker, roller-skate, flip flop, dress shoe, and a rain boot.

By Peter Towe

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